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Custom Tumbler Tag Topper Name Tag with Heart

Custom Tumbler Tag Topper Name Tag with Heart

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Crafted to perfection, this custom 40oz Topper is not only stylish but also functional when it comes to keeping your drink secure. The design is meant to be slide right over the straw but not tightly fitted.

This drinkware accessory is perfect for anyone who loves unique designs that are also practical. It's ideal for personal use or as a thoughtful gift option that will be appreciated by family or friends.


Upgrade your drinking experience by adding our Custom Topper with heart! Order now and enjoy sipping your favorite beverage in style.


Add a personal touch to your drink with our Custom Name Acrylic Topper. The name is elegantly crafted in Rose Gold Glitter, complemented by a beautiful Rose Gold Heart next to it. The opalescent acrylic adds an extra touch of charm. Designed to slide over the straw, it fits perfectly on your cup without being too tight. Make every sip special with our custom Topper.



- Custom Name in Rose Gold Glitter

- Rose Gold Heart Detail

- Opalescent Acrylic

- Easy Slide Design


Enjoy the convenience of having your own personalized drink accessory that adds a unique style statement every time you take a sip!

Message us with your custom name


Personalize your tumbler with a custom name ID tag!


This tag is a perfect way to add a touch of style to your favorite 40 oz  tumbler.




Made from durable 1/8" acrylic

Customizable colors and font style

Fits 40 oz 

Hand wash only

Order your custom name ID tag today and make your tumbler one of a kind!



Easily identify your tumbler, even when it's mixed in with others

Add a personal touch to your tumbler

Protect your tumbler from scratches and other damage

Make your tumbler more fun and unique

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