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Custom Inspirational Messages Bracelet

Custom Inspirational Messages Bracelet

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**Whisper your wish to the wood, and wear it on your wrist: A personalized bracelet to make your heart sing.**

This isn't just any bracelet, it's a little whispered secret tucked onto your arm. ✨ Crafted with buttery-soft suede in a rainbow of hues, it holds a tiny wooden bar, laser-etched with your own special message. Choose from light and bright maple, or deep and dreamy cherry wood to cradle your whispered wish.

Stainless steel clasps keep your treasure safe, with little extension chains and a sweet silver heart at the end to whisper a "love you" to your wrist.

**Here's how to make your wish-whispering bracelet your own:**

* Pick your perfect suede soulmate: sunny yellow, ocean blue, forest green, or any other color that makes your heart skip a beat.

* Choose your wooden muse: light and lovely maple, or rich and dark cherry.

* Whisper your wish to the wood: a name, a date, a secret mantra, or an inside joke, just keep it short space is limited

Each bracelet is hand-crafted with love, just for you. It's a tiny whispered reminder of the things that make your heart happy, worn close to your skin. ✨

**So go ahead, whisper your wish to the wood, and let it sing on your wrist.**

P.S. This little bracelet also makes the perfect gift for someone you love. Just sayin'

Made out of maple (lighter wood) or cherry wood (darker wood), suede, and hypoallergenic stainless steel.


*one size fits most

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