Axoltl Hearts 16 oz glass Tumbler

Axoltl Hearts 16 oz glass Tumbler

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Get your fins and feels ready for the most aww-dorable cup of love ever! Axolotls, the internet's favorite perpetually-smiling salamanders, are taking Valentine's Day by storm on this 16 oz glass tumbler.

Picture this: chubby axolotls with the biggest, happiest grins, sporting tiny pink wings and surrounded by a flurry of glittery hearts. Each sip will be a love letter to your inner aquatic enthusiast, and your Instagram feed will thank you.

But it's not just about the looks (though, let's be real, they're toadally irresistible). This glass tumbler is built to last, with durable glass that can handle your hottest cocoa or frostiest smoothies. Plus, it comes with a handy lid and straw, so you can take your axolotl pals on all your love-fueled adventures.

Here's the scoop on why you need this cup in your life:

    • 16 oz of pure axolotl cuteness: Enough to fuel your Valentine's Day cheer 
    • Durable glass: Built to withstand clumsy lovebirds and overzealous smooches.
    • Lid and straw: Sip on the go
    • The perfect gift: For your bestie, your significant otter, or anyone who needs a little more axolotl magic in their life.


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